Monday, June 24, 2013

Where to Find Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

The human body is an absorbent of protein. For it to function very well and at its most efficient functioning, the human body is required to have as much as twenty amino acids at standard. Twelve out of this twenty needed amino acids is made by the body. In this case, the remaining eight must be met by external sources. A specific term for these remaining eight amino acids needed by the body is essential amino acids that could be gained through our diets. The body is really required to have twenty amino acids because amino acids are the building blocks of our organs and tissues. Nutritionists, dieticians and general knowledge tell us where we could get amino acids through the foods we eat.

High protein foods include fish, milk, meat, eggs and dairy. However, all of these protein sources are not suitable for the diet of those vegetarians or also called as the vegans. Vegans have committed to a no meat, meat and dairy products diet for certain reasons not limited to lifestyle and diet. Hence, sources of proteins are divided into two for the categories of food consumers. One source of protein is from animal proteins for the non-vegetarians and the second is the complete protein for the vegans. Complete protein includes a protein source with an addition of whole grains naturally in the form of rice and beans. 

However, there is this undisputed fact posed by dieticians that it is really difficult to complete the twenty amino acid diet because not all high protein foods are healthy at an everyday and excessive consumption. With this regard, we need substitutes for our protein needs. A substitute for protein as considered by consumers and scientific researches is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Its nutritional value indicates that a one teaspoon of this liquid amino contains 29 grams of protein. Thus, it is considered as a substitute for high protein foods for the body. This liquid aminos contain wheat since it is made of soy beans. It is also gluten free and so it could also be used as an alternative for soy sauce. That is why chefs and mothers according POPSUGAR Fitness use this liquid amino for salad dressings, in cooking tofu, tempeh, even soups and casseroles. The liquid amino furthermore is said to have sixteen out of twenty needed amino acids. To elucidate, these amino acids are as follows.

Glutamic Acid
Aspartic Acid

With all of this nutritional value, it is said from studies that this liquid amino could be used for almost anything at a rate of almost every time. However, some researches debunks this claim and says that at a daily use, this liquid amino is not health promoting. They say that it uses an ingredient that is high in sodium since it is the same component found in MSG. Medical practitioners say that too much sodium is not good for the health because it inhibits neuron impulses from reaching the brain. It is also a contributor in having free radicals in the brain which will eventually lead to neuro pathologies such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Despite these purported negative claims towards the liquid amino, it is still seen as in demand to the consumers. You could buy liquid aminos in all organic shops internationally while others could buy it from their local stores or cooperatives, and you can even save money by purchasing online with Vitamin Shoppe coupons. According to a forum called VeggieBoards, these are where you could normally find the liquid amino:
  • Harris Teeter
  • Food Lion
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Jones
  • Price Chopper
  • Wegmans

Some retailers even also extend their products on websites online so basically, the liquid amino could also be seen online. Therefore, it is widely distributed as inferred in the number of customers that expresses their demand on that certain product.

Health-wise, this liquid amino also provides the other vitamins and minerals that soy beans provide including the promise of cell regeneration through antioxidants. It is also a source of Calcium and Zinc and is not limited to a supply of proteins alone. Nonetheless, the liquid amino is known for its provision of almost the complete set of amino acids needed by the body. Its salty tang is also venerated by those who have already tried using it on their cooking as a good source of flavoring. 

For a greater bulk of information with regards to the liquid aminos, there is a wide range of possible supplementary references such as the vegan forum among others. These references will give you a more in-depth discussion regarding its use, ingredients, process of manufacturing and more health benefits.

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